Die gelernte Schauspielerin Katharina Ó Conaire arbeitet seit mehreren Jahren als bildende Künstlerin, Fotografin und Mediengestalterin in Berlin und Galway.

In ihrer Arbeit konzentriert sie sich auf das Erfassen von Momenten großer Erzählkraft und Dramatik.

Katharina freut sich mit ihnen zu arbeiten.

Sie erreichen sie hier.


Your everyday photography often has a macabre charm…

The visual aesthetic can serve itself or it can also serve a larger narrative. In other words, every picture paints a story; where life is a stage frozen in an image.

Katharina worked as a visual artist for a number of years and coordinated childrens´ theatre.

Whether dramatic portrait photography, street photography, or stage, her art is informed by a common thread of story telling.

With a background in direction and with an accomplished career in theatre acting, her eye is honed on the dramatic shot.

Katharina collected photography that tells its own story, whether depicting human, landscape or the interaction of both.

And so, corporate and portrait photography–mobile and studio sessions–cover the greater swathe of her photo work.

Added to photography is an increasing repertoire of graphic design, photo post-production, publishing and printing.

These skillsets combine to create a fully integrated production solution for small to medium enterprises, which is also offered to individuals.

If you´re interested in working with Katharina, feel free to contact her at any time.